Essential Gardening Jobs To Do In December


With Autumn still just about hanging on, we’re being treated to some incredible displays of colours, but it won’t be long before that colour fades, the leaves drop in ever greater quantities and winter takes a firm grip.

We’ve already had some night-time temperatures hovering below the zero-degree mark, so now is a great time to get your garden tidied up before the serious frosts of winter start to set in and temperature really starts to drop!

Feeding garden brids in winter

Essential gardening jobs for December

  1. Keep on top of fallen leaves. Rake up leaves from the garden, gather them from borders and ensure ponds are skimmed for leaves. Put the fallen leaves to good use by composting for mulch.
  2. Clean and fill up the bird feeders in your garden to give birds a helping hand and encourage more into your garden. Did you know that robins like fruit and worms, whilst sparrows and finches prefer seeds? Try to go for a variety of different feeders and food types to encourage the most diverse range of garden birds possible.
  3. Make sure you check any greenhouse heaters to make sure they are working.
  4. Harvest any remaining root vegetable crops such as parsnips, leeks and sprouts.
  5. Protect outdoor containers from harsh frosts using scrunched up newspaper or bubble wrap – it doesn’t look pretty, but it does the job!
  6. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to move container plants into a more sheltered position, for example, bring them closer to the house or position them under porches and raise them off the ground to prevent them becoming waterlogged. Bricks or pot feet ensure pots can drain more freely in the wetter winter months.
  7. Aerate your lawn now, this will help it to drain better and also lets air circulate and helps nutrients penetrate grass roots. Family gardens that receive heavy use often become quite compacted over time, so during prolonged periods of heavy rain, aeration can help stop your lawn becoming waterlogged. You don’t need fancy tools either, you can do it with your garden fork!
  8. Clean patios, decking, drives and pathways.
  9. Carry out repairs to sheds, fences and greenhouses as well as more general home maintenance like gutter clearing. Get in touch with us with us if you need help with anything like this.

Find more advice on winter gardening or take a look at what the RHS recommend doing in your garden during December.

Need a helping hand in your garden?

Of course, if you don’t fancy spending time outdoors in this cold, wet weather (and who could blame you!), then you could always call in the experts! Why not get in touch with us to find out how we could help transform your garden or keep it in tip top condition with our regular garden maintenance services which include jet and pressure washing. Give us a call on to find out more.