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Evergreen Cheshire Ltd has designed and built hundreds of gardens since 1999, so the photographs you see below are just a tiny proportion of styles and designs we’ve created over the years. If you would like to see further examples, which may be more relevant to your project or idea, please let us know and we will find what you are looking for.


We build a wide range of garden types and styles, including formal and informal gardens, family gardens, natural gardens, modern gardens and contemporary urban gardens throughout the North West. All are essentially ‘outdoor rooms’ that extend a home and provide a pleasing and beautiful space for leisure, relaxation, play and entertaining.

Garden Design

Our comprehensive garden design service seamlessly takes you from the ideas stage to the final planning stage, with step-by-step details provided throughout. Our designers will create bespoke concept plans and mood boards, including planting bed layouts with labels and recommendations of plant types. You will also be given the option of a stunning 3D render, to help you visualise your new garden from every angle. Other design services include exterior lighting ideas/plans, construction plans and drawings. All the material will be presented to you by our designer, so you can make any amendments before we estimate build costs.

Oak-Framed Buildings

We build bespoke oak-framed buildings to suit your needs and budget, using high-quality materials and superior workmanship. Our beautiful outdoor rooms add a stunning element to your garden space, but they are also hugely practical as they mean the space can be used all year round. Oak buildings can be used to create a relaxing oasis, to house a hot tub or as an elegant way of bringing the indoors to the outside with an outdoor kitchen or seating area, complete with fire pit.

Garden Lighting

Stunning garden lighting can create mood and atmosphere in your garden or outdoor space, whether it is illuminating your outdoor seating and dining area, creating a feature out of an existing garden wall, lighting up a pond or water feature, or decorating your bespoke outdoor room. We can advise you on the best choice of lighting to create the mood that you are after. All of our recommended lighting is low voltage and mains-powered, however we can work with you to create the look you want with our bespoke garden lighting service.

Water Features

Water features are a very popular addition to any garden. The sound of flowing water is always soothing and ponds are obviously great places for plant life and fish. If it’s something a little more natural you’re looking for and you’re keen to welcome more wildlife into your garden, then we can help create a more natural ecological pond to attract wildlife. Ponds and water features are diverse in style and size but you can see some good examples, from natural to formal, in our photos below. Safety is always an issue and there are plenty of child and animal-friendly options that allow water to be brought into almost any garden environments.

Garden Features

Spectacular gardens contain interesting features to draw the eye and create focal points. Garden features might include sculptures, outdoor kitchens or rooms, raised flower beds, garden lighting, seating areas and more. Boundary fences, walls and screen can also create a private garden space, which is a feature in itself.

Brickwork and Blockwork

Acting as a retaining wall and creating levels within your garden to add interest and depth; we offer a full range of brickwork and blockwork. Popular choices of walling range from traditional brick walls, natural stone and rendered surfaces. We always use the highest quality materials to ensure that our brickwork and blockwork becomes a long-lasting focal point in your garden.

Paving and Patios

We use only the finest stone to create beautiful steps, paths, patios and driveways in your garden, yard or drive. The most popular choices amongst our customers are Indian stone, York stone, porcelain, limestone, granite and slate from brands such as Bradstone, London Stone and Marshalls. All our paving is laid using industry standard techniques and is installed by our fully-trained staff to ensure the highest quality workmanship.



We can give you your dream driveway; created using resin, block paving, cobbled approach, Indian stone, York stone or tarmac. Our resin driveways, in particular, are increasingly in demand as they provide a truly hard-wearing and practical surface – plus thanks to the vast range of aggregates resin can be mixed with, no matter what look you are after, resin driveways provide the ideal low-maintenance solution.

Resin-Bound Driveways and Patios

Resin surfaces are extremely popular due the fact that they are hard-wearing, very low-maintenance and extremely durable, making them a highly practical choice for your driveway or patio. There’s also a wider variety of colour options available when you choose resin, compared to tarmac or stone driveways. Resin-bound surfacing is definitely a favourite, and an increasingly popular choice for driveways and garden patios.


We can create a full range of beautifully handcrafted timber fences and gates, using the highest quality timber. All fences are built to your requirements and erected by hand. We are also able to provide lower budget pre-made fences and gates, made with high-quality wood but with a lower price-point.

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Planting Schemes

Do you dream of colourful and exciting garden borders, with interesting textures and height? We understand that this can be overwhelming and daunting; which is where we come in! Pairing plants and flowers to create a beautiful backdrop can be quite complex; having to think about how much sunlight your garden gets, the type of soil you have, the size of your outdoor living space, flowering seasons and how much time you have to maintain the area.

Here at Evergreen Cheshire we can provide a bespoke planting scheme for your garden that will remain looking fabulous all year round. Whether you’re looking to achieve a garden that’s formal, informal, traditional or modern; talk to us to achieve your dream garden.

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