The Evergreen Portfolio

Here are some galleries of garden styles and individual features that may help provide inspiration.

Evergreen Cheshire Limited has designed and built hundreds of gardens since 1999, so we can only show you a tiny proportion of styles and designs. If you would like to see examples which may be more relevant to your project or idea, please let us know and we will find what you are looking for.


We build a wide range of garden types and styles from formal to informal, family gardens, natural gardens, modern and contemporary urban gardens. All are essentially ‘Outdoor Rooms’ that extend a home and provide a pleasing and beautiful space for leisure, relaxation, play and entertaining.

Oak Frame Buildings

We build bespoke oak framed buildings, to suit your needs and budget, using high quality materials and superior workmanship. The outdoor rooms add a stunning element to your garden space, but also make it usable all year round. The oak building can be used to create an oasis to house a hot tub or an elegant way of bringing the indoors to the outside with an outdoor kitchen or seating area complete with fire pit.

Garden Lighting

Stunning garden lighting can create mood and atmosphere in your garden or outdoor space, whether it be illuminating your outdoor seating and dining area, creating a feature out of an existing garden wall, lighting up a pond or water feature or decorating your bespoke outdoor room, we can advise you on the best choice of lighting to create the mood that you are after. All of our recommended lighting is low voltage and mains powered, however we can work with you to create the look and feel you require.

Water Features

Water Features are a very popular addition to any garden. The sound of flowing water is always soothing and ponds are obviously great places for plant life and fish. They can also become a natural ecological ‘soup’ full of wild life. Ponds and water features are diverse in style and size but here you can see some good examples from natural to formal. Safety is always an issue and there are plenty of kids/animal friendly options that allow water into even the most critical of garden environments.

Garden Features

Good gardens contain interesting features and these may vary from sculpture, outdoor kitchens, garden lighting and more. The way a garden is enclosed is also very important so boundary fences, walls and screens can play a big part in the way a garden feels.

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