Professional Lawn Care

Enjoy year-round lush lawns

For the ultimate lawn, let Evergreen Cheshire Ltd give your lawn the makeover it needs by choosing one of our three lawn care packages.


This programme offers you four seasonal treatments using top-quality products.

Spring Treatment

We apply a granular fertiliser to encourage strong root and leaf development and provide a lush green colour. The fertiliser will also help prevent moss growth. A post-emergence herbicide will then be sprayed on the lawn to kill any broad-leaved weeds.

Early Summer Treatment

A slow-release fertiliser will be applied to thicken the sward feeds and vastly improve the colour of your lawn. We also address any difficult weeds that can be found in your lawn at this time of year.

Late Summer Treatment

We apply a granular fertiliser that is specially-formulated to work best at this time of year. This late summer feed will maintain the colour of your lawn, encourage root growth and generally improve the vigour of the lawn – protecting it from lawn diseases that are common during this time of year. We will again assess the lawn for weeds and individually treat any remaining ones.

Autumn/Winter Treatment

The final granular fertiliser of the year will be applied to kill and prevent moss growth, give your grass a long-lasting colour, and toughen it ahead of any mechanical work that may need to be undertaken. Weeds will be treated on the spot.


This programme offers you all the Bronze treatments plus scarification and hollow coring.

What is scarification?

Scarification is a mechanical process used to remove surface thatch and moss from lawns. The benefits of scarifying your lawn are:

  • Improved airflow between the grass blades, which reduces the risk of disease.
  • Air, nutrients and water can reach the root system again.
  • Herbicides, pesticides and granular feeds work much better, making your lawn healthier and more resilient to insect damage.

What is hollow coring?

Also known as hollow tine aeration, this mechanical process thins out sub-surface thatch in a lawn by removing thousands of cores from the lawn. The benefits of hollow coring are:

  • Water, oxygen and nutrients can access the root zone again.
  • Compact soil is loosened, which encourages root growth.
  • Improved surface drainage – corking helps keep the lawn drier and firmer by removing surface water, which can prevent moss growth, turf disease and weeds.


This programme offers you all the Silver treatments plus top dressing and over-seeding.

What is top dressing and over-seeding?

After we have scarified and hollow-cored your lawn, we then top dress it with a special mix of sand, soil and a pre-seed fertiliser, followed by an application of grass seed. The benefits of top dressing and over-seeding are:

  • Thicker grass swords.
  • Gaps/holes created by scarification and hollow coring are filled.
  • A regenerated lawn with new grass that helps your lawn to recover much faster.
  • Any small ruts or uneven patches in your lawn are levelled.
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