Essential Gardening Jobs To Do In March


Now that we’re officially in springtime – which started on 20 March 2020 – it’s time to crack on with this month’s sowing and growing jobs. Here are the gardening jobs to be getting on with in March.

Essential gardening jobs for March

1. Begin sowing hardy annuals such as opium poppies, nasturtiums and California poppies.

2. Plant summer-flowering bulbs in pots and borders. Galtonia and lilies are great for filling gaps in borders.

3. Tidy up borders, remove weeds and mulch with garden compost.

red roses

4. Plant new roses and other shrubs and climbers, and prune existing ones to encourage strong new growth.

5. Continue de-heading spring flowers and any remaining winter bedding so they don’t seed.

6. Do your first lawn mow of the year, including strimming lawn edges.

7. Build a new compost bin so you’re ready to start recycling summer garden waste.

8. Trim wind-damaged tree branches.

9. Put bug boxes in shady corners so insects can lay their eggs.

10. Continue to put food out for birds so they have enough for the breeding season.

11. Sprinkle fertiliser over flowerbeds and around roses.

12. Plant hedges to encourage wildlife into your garden.

13. Now is the time to consider installing a new pond or water feature.

14. Clean patios or paving with a brush or pressure washer.

15. Check for slugs and protect your new spring shoots using organic slug pellets.

16. Prepare your vegetable patch – get the soil ready and start sowing early potatoes, celery, lettuce, broad beans, onions, peas and spinach.

17. Begin deadheading daffodils when they look untidy, but leave the foliage.

18. Invest in a water butt to catch the spring rain and use it to water plants in summer.

19. If you have a salad or herb garden, begin sowing salad leaves and hardy herbs, such as salad rocket and coriander.

20. Plant pots of mint, rosemary, tarragon and thyme.

21. Start your topiary on hedges and shrubs.

For more tips take a look at Gardeners World what to do in March.

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