6 Reasons To Hire A Garden Designer

It can be tempting to give your garden a makeover yourself without the help of a professional, but this can end up being more trouble than it’s worth. A qualified landscape designer can create your dream garden and ensure that it fits within your budget. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using a garden designer.

1. They’re professionals

When hiring a reputable, qualified garden designer you are paying for their experience, expertise and ideas. They will listen to what your vision is for your garden and tailor designs that fully meet your needs. From the style of garden you’d like to designing a garden that suits your lifestyle, a landscape designer will listen, advise and work with you to transform your outdoor space into a functional and aesthetically-pleasing extension of your home.

Knowing how best to work with the type of soil in your garden is important when deciding which plants to use in garden design. A garden designer is equipped with this knowledge and can also provide drainage and irrigation solutions if needed. Their horticultural expertise is invaluable when creating planting plans that complement the rest of your outdoor space, and ensuring that your garden is colourful all year round.

2. They have tons of ideas

There are plenty of garden magazines that offer design inspiration, but a lot of the ideas on the pages would not be suitable for your unique outdoor space. This is where a garden designer is most useful. Following a site survey of your garden, they will be brimming with ideas on how to make the most of your space, which features will provide focal points and how to make it a workable space for you and your family. Whether you have a particular theme in mind, would like an outdoor dining area or outdoor kitchen installing, want your garden to be “on trend” or need a garden that is both pet and family-friendly, they are creative by nature and will think of the best design layouts for you.

3. They will manage your budget

When doing garden DIY, it’s easy to get carried away and lose track of how much you are spending. A garden designer will work within your budget range and source suitable plants and materials, as well as provide you with an estimate of labour costs. Some designers work with in-house contractors/landscapers, and in this case the design/build will be quoted together as one overall cost. Garden design projects can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, so you can discuss with the designer whether you would prefer to phase the project over a particular length of time. They will also work to a deadline, which can be difficult to do when doing the work yourself.

4. A landscaped garden can add value to your home

It’s no secret that landscaping your garden can increase the value of your home. A survey in 2019 by Post Office Money found that doing up your garden could increase your property’s value by 77%, considerably more than installing a new kitchen or conservatory. Easy-to-maintain, low-maintenance gardens are increasingly popular options with simple but effective designs that allow homeowners to enjoy their outdoor spaces without worrying about keeping them looking tip-top throughout the year. A well-designed garden can be an investment for the future.

5. Attention to detail

Design and attention to detail come hand-in-hand, and when hiring a professional garden designer you are trusting them to create a concept that not only fits your brief but also is suitable for the size and shape of your outdoor space. Working to scale is vital to ensure that all the elements and features fit the space perfectly and are in proportion to each other. Gardens that link harmoniously with the inside of the home are trending in 2020, and a good designer will focus on creating an outdoor room that is perfect for your needs and beautifully designed.

6. Conceptual design

A garden designer will create mood boards and concept plans, including planting bed layouts, so you can visualise your new garden before it’s built. This part of the design relies on careful planning and research to make sure that the design answers your needs and wishes but also blends in with the existing landscape. Many designers also offer 3D renders so you can experience your new garden from different angles and make any changes.



Designing and landscaping a garden takes time, hard work and a lot of planning. A garden designer can help you achieve the garden you desire and prevent any accompanying stress. They will project manage from the start and consult with you along the way to ensure your needs are met. When choosing a garden designer in Cheshire it’s important that you hire someone who is the right fit and takes your opinions and wishes into consideration during the design process. You also want to make sure that they are fully qualified and experienced. Personal recommendations can help you decide who to use – Evergreen’s garden design service is built on word-of-mouth recommendations. Contact Evergreen’s garden designers Cheshire.


Q&A with Kayla Telford, Evergreen Landscape Architect

Evergreen Cheshire staff Kayla

We quizzed our in-house landscape architect and garden designer Kayla to give you an insight into the level of expertise you can expect from Evergreen.

1. How long have you worked as a garden designer at Evergreen?

I started working at Evergreen in May 2017, just after moving to the UK from New Zealand in April 2017.

2. How many years’ experience do you have?

I graduated with my Landscape Architecture degree (Hons) in 2007 and have 10 years’ experience working as a landscape architect/designer.

3. What memorable projects have you previously worked on?

Whilst living in New Zealand I had the pleasure of working for one of the biggest firms in the country as an urban designer, where I worked on high-profile landscaping and architecture projects. I also worked in garden maintenance and as an assistant garden designer for one of New Zealand’s most celebrated garden designers for four years whilst I was studying.

4. What made you make the move from NZ to the UK?

I wanted to move to the UK (where my partner is from) to establish my career. The economy is better here and also the variety of quality products available to use in garden design projects.

5. What do you like most about your job?

I really like the constant challenges my job throws at me (most of the time) as it is continually helping me to grow as a designer. I also enjoy the support network I have at Evergreen.

6. What are your main responsibilities?

My main role is taking the ideas and needs of a potential client’s garden and making this reality with a practical garden design and new creative ideas for the garden.

As we are a relatively small business, I can also sometimes be found out in the gardens helping with the planting beds and other design aspects.

7. What’s your favourite career achievement to date?

I think the projects we have been working on as off lately have been great! The quality of Evergreen’s workmanship is becoming highly recognised, which makes some of the jobs that come in bigger and bigger. For example, we have just been working on a lovely project with a composite decking that extends over a pond by 4.5 metres in some places, and we did a lovely Japanese-inspired job in Hale last year with granite detailing and a pagoda with beautiful Wisteria draping over the roof.

Some random ones…

8. If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Something I have never really thought about, but I guess it has to be a bird of some sort, for the cliché reason of flying in the air with complete freedom.

9. Crisps or chocolate?

100% chocolate.

10. Favourite season and why?

I love the feeling of spring – the anticipation of new life and the exciting times that usually lie ahead of you in the summer.

11. Patio or decking?

I absolutely love the paving choices available for patios, especially the low-maintenance aspect and beauty of porcelain – it is something that wasn’t really around when I was designing in NZ. But there is something about decking that brings back the nostalgia of being in NZ with the gorgeous views and lush planting that usually surrounds a deck back at home.


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